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By November 18, 2015News

For the month of June in 2014 I had the fantastic opportunity to spend a month in Reykjavik Iceland at the SIM residency.  This was a much-needed time out.  A much-needed time to gather my thoughts.  A much need time to breath.  A much-needed time to see my future.

I have always been on the artistic path, but over the past few years I took on responsibilities and titles that, while they were a good experience and will benefit me on the future, were just a detour.

During this month of light (summer solstice, 24 hr sun) I found  that I was once again on my true path.  A path that revels in my artist explorations and exercises my sculptural passion.  Being in that magical place  I found strength in my past, a foundation that will now allow me to move forward in a way that makes me truly happy.

Now back home, with my family by my side, I am ready!!!

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